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About Me

I have 12 years design and procurement experience in the Irish environment and 5 years combined in Venezuela and Italy and have been involved in projects on the residential, leisure and commercial sector, from inception to completion.

My approach to each project is informed by its singularity and a careful consideration to site, context and client programmatic expectations, keeping strong communication with all parties involved.

I steer for balance of sustainability, economy, performance, durability and permanence where a supple human-nature-building interface is a most relevant design paradigm and warranty of architecture’s permanence and capacity to adapt.

I enjoy a "hands on" approach as a self builder, and a keen interest of the dynamics of building work and materials.

I had trained and practice as an artist as an existential endeavour and have accumulated extensive knowledge of manual traditional and digital mediums to communicate and express ideas to clients and peers; from my combined experience working in developed countries and emerging economies, I have

refined a critical approach to technology, a pragmatic side, a "can do" problem solving attitude and a passion for simplicity, without loosing the yearn of aesthetic expression, experimentation or sight of the ultimate principles of my practice.

I feel comfortable working alone or as a part of a team, on and off studio.

A sociable and adaptable individual, I have a natural fluency to communicate verbally and graphically at all levels.

I am committed family man, film aficionado, sporty outdoor enthusiast, engaged community supporter and part human rights time activist.

Juan Sotoparra

Ba arch Hons U.R.U​

Dip Visual Art GMIT

Geata Na Cathrach Fairgreen Galway

"Juan Sotoparra's practice strive to facilitate through the built environment the contextualised occurrence of strong emotional and rational connexions with people and society informed by a ample briefprogram analysis and a keen sensibility to materials, the environment and the expression of architectural form."

                                                       Monociclo Art &Design Magazine Issue 29 2006




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